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What makes ROOTS unique?

  • The Team – Any project of this magnitude will ultimately be defined by its team. We have gathered a diverse and inspired group of passionate change-makers to the unique wellness elements of this project
  • Wellness is truly conscious communities abound. Financially viable models such as the ROOTS model are less prevalent because blending business with altruism is difficult. The focus of this model is to build a sustainable template financially as well as ecologically and environmentally
  • Most master-planned communities with some intentional design features are “Wellness-Washed” and don’t offer the Return On Wellness that makes the ROOTS model infinitely valuable and attractive to communities and governments globally
  • There are some initial small scale developments that blur the lines between home, work and leisure, but none that fully integrate the sustainable community, co-working, wellness, and shared economy  elements detailed in the ROOTS Wellness Community Model
  • As much as we would love to build “Utopia”, building a community that is truly sustainable financially is even more challenging. The key is a diverse and flexible array of income and annuity streams
  • By building, blending and incorporating a local community and a virtual community we have the opportunity to reach a global audience and the ability to generate incremental revenue on an exponential basis
  • Creating a documentary of this journey will generate interest in the project, enhance marketing efforts to fill the community and generate global opportunities