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ROOTS Amenities

Town Center

o   Social Club (see Common House)

    • Coworking space

o   Restaurant/s

o   Café/Wine Bar

o   Coffee Shop

o   Grocer

o   Bakery

o   Art Galleries (see Art Colony Shops at the Greenbrier)

    • Artists’ studios
    • Artists in residence
    • Rentable studio space
    • Recording studio
    • Wood shop

o   Spiritual Space

    • In the center of the “Village Square;” multi-faith. 

Integrative Wellness Clinic

o   A team of resident and visiting Integrative General Practitioners, Medical Specialists and Allied Health Professionals would be assembled and invited to offer integrative health care for the community and visitors.

o   The clinic would offer protocols for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases such as autoimmune diseases, diabetes, bowel disease, COPD, heart disease, metabolic and endocrine disorders, cancer and other widespread diseases often triggered by lifestyle.

o   Providing destination health & wellness programs for people who need to make a change in their disease treatment and/or lifestyle choices. 

o   Modalities and practitioners would include: 

NOTE: A percentage of profits from clinic appointments would be donated to the integrative medicine research program to further research and public education around integrative medicine.

Wellness Retreat

See Roots Wellness Retreats (please note that this website is currently under construction. Though it is incomplete, it will give you a basic overview of our wellness retreat model.)

Our thoughtfully crafted program explores 7 Roots of a Healthy Lifestyle designed to help you create a foundation for lasting change through small, achievable steps in a supportive and unintimidating environment.

Indoor/Outdoor Wellness Studios

  • Covered open air studios with natural ventilation systems and geothermally heated floors for warmth in colder weather
  • Ability to open studio up completely and also to close it up completely
  • Emphasis being on bringing the outdoors in
  • Classes including, but not limited to:
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Pilates
    • Tai Chi
    • Qigong
    • Stretching
    • Group exercise

Organic Farm

(reference Polyface Farm and “Biggest Little Farm”)

o   Produces product for grocer, restaurants, café, bakery, brewery, farmers market and local consumption

o   Greenhouses to maintain production of staples year round

  • Vertical growing options
Organic winery

  • Initially bottling organic grapes from other vineyards and ultimately bottling own-grown organic grapes
  • Daily tastings 
  • Hosting events such as weddings and corporate events
  • Conducting bottling and growing tours 
Organic brewery

  • Initially brewing organic malt, hops, barley and wheat and ultimately brewing own-grown organic components where possible
  • Also brewing non-alcoholic products such as Kombucha
  • Conducting brewing and growing tours
  • Hosting events such as weddings and corporate events
Trail System for biking, running and walking

  • An extensive trail system that connects elements of the community and encourages residents and visitors to walk through nature when accessing amenities
  • Well signed trail routes allowing residents and visitors to exercise in nature at an intensity and distance that suits them

Courts for tennis, pickleball, basketball

  • Structured and unstructured opportunities for community members and visitors to play fun sports with each other
  • Leagues, round-robins, and lessons would be established where demand warranted
Swimming pool

  • Large, naturally landscaped salt water, solar heated pools that allow recreational activities, swimming and aquatic classes year round. 
  • Both outdoor and undercover pool options would be available. 

Lake for recreational activities

  • A lake or river where water activities such as standup paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking, and/or sailing can take place
  • Stocked with fish for recreational angling

Fields for activities

  • Fields for organized and recreational activities available year round
  • Activities would be driven by community interest and could span everything from frisbee fun to pick up soccer games

  • A live music and entertainment venue in the town center.
  • Providing an intimate setting with lawn seating, food trucks, beer and wine.
  • The amphitheater would be home to free concerts as well as paid events.


  •  Attracting a school partner that could provide personalized, holistic, inspiring education for the student, the planet, and future generations.
  • Partners such as Global Village provide programs that meet college entry requirements whereas programs such as North Star which provide a less structured unschooling model may be an alternative.
  • This element would be driven by demand and discourse and would most likely come at a later stage in the community’s development
Research Facility

o   Energy and Sustainability Research (planet)

  • The vision of the facility would be to be a leading research facility for the design and testing of  innovative energy and sustainability solutions
  • The mission would be to advance research, development, and demonstration of innovative energy and sustainability solutions working in a community setting – with potential for global impact. 
  • This could be achieved by:
    • Creating a multidisciplinary and collaborative environment for the delivery of community based energy solutions and sustainability goals 
    • This could be underwritten by engaging with colleges and universities, government agencies, other research institutions and industries as a test center for scalability of new sustainability models.

o   Wellness research (people)

  • The vision of the facility would be to demonstrate leadership in integrative health and wellness best practices. The research team would collaborate with universities and other research centers to further research into the benefits, efficacy and safety of integrative medicine and complementary therapies for the prevention, detection and treatment of disease.
  • Research would be conducted in areas including cancer, heart health, gut health, cognition, chronic diseases, and mind-body medicine. 
  • The mission would be to improve the health and wellness of the community through innovative research, education, clinical practice, and community engagement efforts underwriting integrative health and wellness.

o   Health (animals)

  • The organic farm would host a research division which explored natural means and methods to maintain animal health for domestic animals and livestock.

o   Nurture (plants)

  • The organic farm would host a research division which explored natural means and methods to maximize plant health and optimize crop yield.