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2021 Wellness Trends
  1.         Wellness programming will occupy more “real estate” in the TV and music industries
  2.         Metabolic health, a healthy microbiome, and personalized nutrition are becoming far more crucial
  3.         The powerful connection between the built environment and our wellbeing is coming into focus
  4.         Medical research has brought shown the profound impact breathwork can have on physical and mental health
  5.         Wellness will lean into science and healthcare will take inspiration from the wellness playbook
  6.         The wellness industry needs to transcend the image that wellness is only for affluent white people
  7.         The future of wellness events will be a hybrid of in-person and virtual events that align safety with engagement
  8.         Financial wellness will come to the fore as the financial wellness awakening movement gains momentum
  9.         Manic travel getaways could be replaced by slower, closer, more mindful experiences with people craving nature immersions and purpose-driven experiences

Source: Global Wellness Institute